Mahbube Atabey was born in Tehran, the capital of Iran in the Spring of 1952. She is the grandaughter of the famous poet Haji Qodsi Yazdi who was notably known for his satirical poems against the Palace. While she was having elementary and secondary education in the schools of Payam and Amoozesh in Tehran she had the chance to meet her love Shahpour Bahramishad. She started her B.A. degree in 1970 in the department of auditing at the University of Tehran, got M.A. degree in the discipline of industrial management in 1974, and she also successfully graduated from the department of English Language and Literature.

After the educational life, she sublimed her eight years of love through marriage. The artist was initially taught by her husband on the science and production technique related to madder root. She gradually started to reflect her love on to the paper. In time, as the one and only student of Shahpour Bahramishad she became well-versed in his school of calligraphy, illumination and miniature.

Mahbube Atabey started her adventure of art in 1974 and is living in Istanbul since 1989. She raised two children, one became poet and engineer, the other musician and doctor of medicine. The artist is still assisting her husband and performing the above mentioned forms of art with various interpretations on to the surface of natural objects.

Sea Shells

Art of Calligraphy and Miniature performed on sea shells each of which reflect a unique natural beauty are involved.


Works which include a melange of Calligraphy, art of Illumination and Miniature are involved.

Old Pages

In this collection pages of the books that have been penned by calligraphers centuries ago yet not pictured by painters are completed.


For Mahbube Atabey “Art starts in nature and becomes immortal”. Her immortalized art form inscribed on leaves are comprised in this collection.