The art of miniature gains a new dimension with the technique of relief art and the use of precious stones. Schah Art Gallery which is opened to exhibit the artists’ fifty years of experience has unique and peerless art works.
Schah Art wants to keep alive familial art heritage and takes its inspiration from six thousand year memory of Persian civilisation. In its enchanting art adventure, the gallery’s insight extends from Iranian mythology to Ottoman civilisation, from the firoozehs of Neyshabour to detailed miniatures of Istanbul Topkapı Palace. Schah Art offers a new perspective to art enthusiasts in Turkey with a wide range of works.
Schah Art carries the art tradition of a family ancestor Atabek Azam into the contemporary art world. Atabek Azam (the grandfather of our main artist Shahpour Bahramishad) became the Grand Vizier to Qajar dynasty for three periods in the 19th century. Such a melange of art and history in Schah Art Gallery is quite attractive for the visitors who are especially seeking to discover the mysteries of Eastern arts in the modern life.
Different forms of art works are exhibited in Schah Gallery such as Firoozeh-kubi works, Iranian and Ottoman Art of Miniature, the art of Calligraphy, the art of Illumination, artistic hand woven Persian rugs made from silk, artistic representations of Iranian farm houses and wooden statues. It is possible to see the works of the artist Shahpour Bahramishad (Atabey) who is the grandson of Atabek Azam and the works of his wife Mahbube Atabey that are vitalized through contemporary philosophy.