Schah Gallery

Schah Art Gallery proves that art can be sustained far from usual centers, even at the heart of an industrial setting in Istanbul. Schah Art is sufficiently attention-grabbing art gallery opened in October 2016 with a motto of “art is everywhere art”.
An important meaning of miniature includes the display of nature in small scales and proportions. The artists first pick up plants, roots and stones from the nature by their own hands and with their special technique turn them into natural dyes and materials for colouring and ornamenting their art works. Besides this special method they use silver and gold foils to perform Eastern arts of miniature and illumination. Thus what is recruited from nature is exhibited in small squares depicting figural concepts of nature and human bodies.
Mystery of the earth can be carried into the cosy atmosphere of your life-world since the minerals and mines like turquoise and copper inside the rocks were taken out, carefully processed and used by the artists in their magnificent works. Eastern arts of drawing, painting, miniature and illumination are performed not only on the paper but also on natural objects like sea shells, mother of pearl, leaves and ivory.
In the Schah Art Gallery you can muse on the art of miniature as well as various forms of Persian art in Istanbul thus take a great intercultural journey. You are invited to drink a cup of perfect Persian saffron tea while you are expanding your imagination on Eastern arts.